Building a Project

There are three main steps video producers follow when producing a video. This is known throughout the industry as pre-production, production and post production.

When video producers follow these basic three steps. It is almost certain the production will come to fruition in an easy and organized manner.


What is pre-production?

Pre-production is the first stage of any project. It is the planning stage before any filming or recordings are started. It is when we lay out the intricate parts of the project such as shot locations, story boarding, projected audience, budget issues and how to market or distribute the production upon completion. 

This step also includes video trailors,, posters and additional artwork that will be used to promote the project.

What is production?

Production is when we start filming the project.

This step includes  capturing, sound recording, lighting, green screening, special effects, artwork, cinematography, set design and direction.

What is post-production?

Post-Production is when we bring everything together to tell the story. This step includes edits, special effects, sound effects, transitions, cuts, retakes, captioning, sound tracks, titles, intros, outros, continuity or any function before we complete the project. 

This step is also when we make certain that all footage is logged, digitized, optimized and exported in the proper formats for distribution to our target audience and projected markets. 

Post-Production is the final stage of the project.


When we follow these three basic steps pre-production, production and post-production, we build an organized and quality project.